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We have investments in open source, sustainable and female-led companies.

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Empowering the people that power the web.

Emilia invests in companies that play on the world wide web. We like to be close to our portfolio companies. We’re not there to tell them what to do but instead to cheer them on and give them advice when they ask for it. With our combined experience in running a scale up and development and marketing acumen, we can help our the companies we invest in excel.


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Yooooohoooooooo! So excited to publish our schedule for the booth pitches. At WordCamp Europe in Athens, there will be 4 companies pitching their idea to us. … Read more

Marieke van de Rakt

Emilia Capital is sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2023. If you’re looking for investment, we invite you to pitch your idea to us there and we’ll give you a Yes or No that weekend!

Joost de Valk

Our love for bootstrapping

The best way of growing a company doesn’t exist. There are multiple ways, and the “best” way depends on your market, your timing, current market economics and a lot of other things. But if you ask me which way I prefer someone builds a company, certainly their first company, it is by bootstrapping it. In this post I’ll explain why I think bootstrapping is great and why, in spite of that, we still invest in other companies.

Joost de Valk

The empowerwoment project

In 2019, when in became the CEO of Yoast, I initiated the empowerwoment project at Yoast. The program was focused on getting more women into leadership teams at Yoast. I was the CEO, but I was the only woman on our board. The empowerwoment project was initiated to make a change.

Marieke van de Rakt

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