About Emilia

Hello! Emilia Capital (a Dutch limited liability company) is our holding company. We are Joost de Valk & Marieke van de Rakt and we made our money by building up Yoast. Yoast is most famous for the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, which helps your website rank high in Google. We sold Yoast in 2021, and Emilia Capital holds all of our investments.

Emilia Capital invests in companies that play on the world wide web. A lot of our investments have ties to the WordPress ecosystem. We’d like to think they make the web a better place by being who they are. We like to be close to our portfolio companies. At the same time, we’re not there to tell them what to do, but instead to cheer them on and give them advice when they ask. With our combined experience in running a scale-up and development and marketing acumen, we can help the companies we invest in excel.

Looking for investment?

Send us your deck, if we like it, we’ll be in touch for a call!