Why are we called Emilia?

Our company is called Emilia Capital. The capital part of the name makes sense. We are an investment company. But why Emilia? So, let us explain all three reasons to why we decided to go with the name Emilia Capital.

1. Emilia van Nassau

The name Emilia comes from Emilia van Nassau. She was the youngest daughter of William of Orange. William of Orange is the great-great-great-great- grandfather of the current Dutch King.

Emilia herself was protestant, but she fell in love with the portuguese Dom Emmanuel and secretly married him in 1597. Emilia’s family tried to convince her to divorce her portuguese lover, but when this didn’t work, decided to ban her from the royal court. Emilia and Dom Emanuel bought a  beautiful little castle in Wijchen. And that’s the place where Joost and I live and work. We also got married in that same castle!

Emilia and Dom Emanuel did not have a happy ending. They got 10 children together, but they spent the last years of their marriage separated. Emilia was quite the badass. She was determined to make her own decisions, which was unusual in that day and age. A true power-woman! 

Wijchen is a small town in the Netherlands, near Nijmegen and the German border. Having such a badd-ass female in our local history is something that inspired us a lot. So that was the main reason for wanting to name our company after Emilia van Nassau. We wanted to pick someone from our part of the country and not from the Amsterdam-region for example.

And, to be completely honest, Joost is a bit of a fan of our royal house. So that was absolutely part of the reason why we decided upon Emilia as well.

2. Our address

The second reason for naming our company Emilia is because of our address. Our offices are located on the Emilia van Nassau Street. That was the second reason for naming our company Emilia. One building of the Yoast Campus is owned by Joost and myself. In that building, we have our own Emilia offices. And this is the office on the Emilia van Nassaustreet. Yoast also has an office in the Dom Emanuel street. Yes, seriously.

3. Our desire to invest in female founders

And the third reason to name our company Emilia is because of our focus on female leadership. We made a conscious decision to pick a female role model for our investment company. We strongly believe that the world needs more female leaders and female founders and we’re actively seeking to invest more in female led companies. 

Locally involved, globally invested

We love to be involved in our local community here in Wijchen. We like to invest in Dutch companies. At the same time, we want to make a global impact with our investments. Like Emilia van Nassau, we’ll always look outside the borders of our country for impactful investments. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Looking for investment?

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