Schedule for our #WCEU booth pitches

Marieke van de Rakt

Yooooohoooooooo! So excited to publish our schedule for the booth pitches. At WordCamp Europe in Athens, there will be 4 companies pitching their idea to us. Everybody is welcome to cheer on our candidates (and perhaps to advice us in making a wise investment decision!).

(Don’t know what this is about? Read the announcement post. We have room for another pitch if you want to join, still, just reach out!)

The schedule

Here are the four companies pitching, and a short blurb of info in their own words:


June 9th – 11.00
Presenter: Paul Halfpenny

WP-DXP is a plugin that allows you to start using WordPress as a digital experience platform, adding personalisation, segmentation, lead scoring and more so that you can display relevant content to your visitors. It integrates fully into the Block Editor, works with caching and combines with plugins such as Gravity Forms and WooCommerce to allow you to show content based on user behaviour. We would like to expand the plugin to allow the storage of data offsite, analytics, A\B and multivariate testing, journey mapping, and add AI content recommendations and optimisation.


June 9th – 15.00
Presenters: Louise Towler, Paul Wong-Gibbs, Kelly Wilson

Kanoppi is a WordPress extension which helps progressive business owners and ambitious content editors with sustainability reporting, real-time insights and learning. Kanoppi integrates into the WordPress admin showing the total carbon footprint and trends over time with granular reporting for individual posts and pages. Providing actionable insights empowers editors to identify improvements and track the resulting impact in order to meet their organisation’s net zero targets, all whilst doing their day job.


June 10th – 11.00
Presenters: Anastasia & Roman Axelrod

We are building a powerful development tool designed to streamline and standardize the website development process for expanding teams. This tool enables agencies to efficiently create design systems for their clients, seamlessly implement these systems into clients’ platforms, and effortlessly maintain them over the long term.


June 10th – 15.00
Presenter: Saad Iqbal

APPExperts is an easy-to-use, intuitive, SaaS-based mobile app builder that lets you create fully-functional iOS & Android apps using a no-code solution. APPExperts creates an application for WordPress websites using the flutter technology, which is currently being used to create cross-platform mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS.

How to find our booth

You can find our booth close to the Elementor and Hostinger booths:

Map showing the Emilia Capital booth location. If you're leaving track 1 and go to the left, you'll walk straight into our booth, with Updraft having a booth to our left.

Make sure to check out our booth anyway for a fun game and to pick up a nice Emilia Capital pen!

Marieke van de Rakt

Marieke van de Rakt

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