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The world's first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform

Introduces the dominant and scalable infrastructure of SaaS to WordPress

Favorite customer feedback: "I wouldn’t recommend WPCS to anyone. I want to keep it for myself.”

Hosting and agency partners build WordPress products (WaaS & SaaS) that serve specific needs (LMS, Commerce, Marketplace, etc.) and charge agency prices ($$$ per month), without investing capital or human resources.

WPCS enables businesses to offer Turnkey WordPress Products (WaaS or SaaS) with central development and serverless, scalable infrastructure.

Develop and manage thousands of separate installs in an isolated yet centralized way with multi-tenant WordPress. WPCS introduces the dominant cloud architecture of SaaS to WordPress.

WPCS solves three scaling challenges of WordPress: operational, business, and technical:

  1. Operational: thanks to multi-tenant WordPress, all sites are individual WP installations with a shared functionality (code) but a separate database. This means you can develop and manage thousands of separate installs in an isolated yet centralized way. Thanks to WPCS’ Versioning System, it enables single-person management with a central, safe development process.
  2. Business: the WPCS API can connect with anything to automate *everything* from sale to launch. Easily automate critical business processes at every level of your customer lifecycle using our API.
  3. Technical: WPCS runs a containerized platform using Kubernetes, which results in a serverless, highly-available experience for our users. Maintain all the control that comes with managing your own infrastructure, but concentrate on WordPress rather than servers, allowing your team to focus on high-value work.

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