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Won Europe’s “Blockchains for Social Good” competition in 2020

Pilots with NRC & Persgroep, 2 large publishers in its home market

A real-life use-case for blockchain, 5.8M timestamps, 3K+ users

WordProof was founded in 2019. The Dutch startup is on a mission to restore trust in the internet. Fraud and fake news make the Internet unreliable. WordProof’s Timestamp Ecosystem now enables consumers and search engines to verify the source of the content.

“Working with Mariek and Joost has been a blast since day one. The three of us share a deep passion for making the web a better place. Both Marieke and Joost are extremely knowledgeable, deep thinkers, have huge credibility in their large networks - and, miraculously, they’re incredibly human too, with an eye for the entrepreneur.”

Sebastiaan van der Lans - Founder of WordProof

WordProof is building a Timestamp Ecosystem that will support multiple blockchains, ultimately leading to a Trusted Web. Currently, WordProof offers a user-friendly WordPress plugin available to one-third of all websites to access the Timestamp Ecosystem. It is also possible to timestamp documents with a standalone tool. 

“From a publishing perspective, the ability to prove authorship, to unequivocally prove that you were first with a specific piece of content, is game-changing. WordProof can bring unprecedented integrity to the world of content publishing and e-commerce in an open-source manner, which creates awesome opportunities for social sharing sites and search engines,” said one of Emilia’s partners, Joost de Valk.

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