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Extendify’s automated site creation system generates hundreds of thousands of different site combinations to meet users’ needs.

The Extendify team spans 4 continents.

Extendify builds sites using core WordPress components with no 3rd party page builder or custom block collections.

Chris and Artur first met in Mexico City at a team meetup for Automattic.

Extendify enables WordPress hosts to provide a world-class onboarding experience to increase their hosting revenue.

Chris and Artur started Extendify after leaving Automattic to tackle the tough challenge of helping new WordPress users succeed. They saw firsthand how many users come to WordPress expecting a Wix-like experience and ultimately fail, so they knew there was a huge opportunity to help users around the world.

Extendify builds on core WordPress and allows users to combine the ease of use of proprietary solutions with the flexibility of the open source WordPress platform without the need for legacy “page builder.” It has three components:

  • Launch: A modern WordPress onboarding solution that builds a customized starter site for users in just a few clicks.
  • Assist: A smart assistant that gives users personalized guidance and recommendations for their site.
  • Library: An adaptable library of patterns that can be used to create additional content.

WordPress hosts partner with Extendify to deliver a holistic solution to their clients.

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