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Used by 2 out of 3 top hosting companies in the world.

Atarim's team is 100% remote.

The number 1 rule within Atarim: "Support comes first!"

First newcomer in the WordPress space to generate more than 6 figures in 30 days.

Improving communication flows between website developers & designers and customers.

Finding the right investor is not an easy task. It’s not just about the money, but finding the right team that will support your journey and vision and ideally, even walked a similiar path to advise the founders with the best next step when challeges arise. With Marieke and Joost, we couldn’t ask for a better PIF (Product-Investor-Fit)!

Vito Peleg, co-founder of Atarim

Atarim came to us in the person of founder Vito Peleg. He is an enormously inspirational founder with tons of energy that can talk just about everyone into liking his product. Vito started his website-building career, as a touring leader of a rock band, building client sites from the back of the van, before it was trendy to be remote. He’s been running fully remote teams since, including Atarim’s team which is operating 100% on the cloud. Every Atarim team member used to be a freelancer working with clients, agency owner, or worked at an agency before joining the team. This ensures that every person understands the problem we’re solving and the impact we can bring to our users’ lives.

Atarim is being used by 2 of the 3 top hosting companies in the world to serve all of their “Do it for me” services, building thousands of websites per month through Atarim. Founded as “WP Feedback”, it was the first newcomer in the WordPress space to generate more than 6 figures in revenue within 30 days of its launch.

Since Vito is best at explaining what Atarim does, let’s make him do the talking:

You and your team have already mastered building websites, too often though projects get stuck for weeks and months waiting on the content and, that final approval from the client, right?

Well, at least for me at my agency, for my PMs and designers, this was a daily headache… This is why we created a visual solution to help us get on the same page as our clients, quite literally.

That’s how we started but, over the years serving thousands of digital teams and hundreds of thousands of their clients through our system, we evolved to create the ultimate experience when building websites for clients.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Visual collaboration directly on the website that is so easy, your grandma would get it.
  • Unique email inbox that automatically organises all your client requests.
  • Speed up your entire project delivery flow by weeks and months (not kidding).
  • Internal communications for QA or reminders, that clients can’t see.
  • Auto minify images for web and push them to the website with 1 click.
  • Integrations with all the tools you’re already using.

And a whole lot more…

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